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The Sculptura Collection | Incredibly Unique Mobiles

The Sculptura Collection | Incredibly Unique Mobiles

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Incredibly unique! Unleash your inner art enthusiast with the truly one-of-a-kind Sculptura Collection. Crafted from eco-friendly recycled acrylic, each sculptured mobile, table stabile, and wall art piece is made in Los Angeles. Let the unique and individualistic 3D beauty of these creations inspire and captivate you!

Set of 3 mobiles. Free shipping within the USA.




size each piece is approx. 15"h x 10"w x 6"d

weight each piece approx. 1-1/2 lbs

colors choose from the pulldown or request custom colors at no extra charge

includes hanging wire, plastic anchor bolts, ceiling j-hooks, and signed Certificate of Authenticity

Note: your set of hanging sculptures will differ slightly from the images because I'll make your set specifically for you. There are always variances in these one-of-a-kind art pieces, no one else will have the same exact art as you.

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