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Fun With Colors

22 Beautiful Opaque Colors To Choose From
plus Glow-in-the-Dark, 8 Translucent Pastels, and Bamboo

Close up of Atomic Mobile piecesThe Right Colors
I love colors and accurate color representation is important to me. I offer 30 different colors. Creating the right hanging art mobile for your room is of the utmost importance. Please note that computer monitors do vary, and that factor must be taken into consideration.

Rich Beautiful Colors
Atomic Mobiles feature rich solid matte colors; these colors are beautiful. They are double UV coated to ensure lasting color for years.

Glow In The Dark
I also can do Glow In The Dark on any mobile, one piece, some pieces, or all pieces.

Pretty Pastels
Gorgeous soft translucent pastel colors that are frosty matte and light passes through ever so slightly.  Not just for the nursery!

Sustainable Bamboo
Luxurious yet environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo is also available. 

Order Sample Chips
If your mobile is color critical, you can order 2" color circle swatches of the actual material. They are also photographed in high-resolution for this site, so you can get a better idea which colors are best for your mobile.


Free Color Consultation
You can also always call or contact me for a free color consultation. I'm always happy to do a Photoshop mockup of the mobile style and colors you are considering, send me a picture or two of your room.

Materials Used
All Atomic Mobiles color shapes are 1/8 inch thick matte finish acrylic, double UV coated, and the wire is rust-free high-quality stainless steel.

Free Phone or Email Consultation
Not sure? Email a picture of your room and tell me which Style and colors you are considering, and the ceiling height of the room. I will create a Photoshop mockup at no charge. Or call (or text) me at 323.640.0003 and we can discuss.

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A Word About Color Choice
Some of my clients attempt to match colors in their room, whether it be a pillow, wall color, bedding, furniture, or other items, and often the result is 4, 5, 6, 7 or more different colors. This isn't always the best method, in fact sometimes, quite frankly, it can create a bit of a mess.

In most cases (there are exceptions) I suggest choosing only 3 to 4 colors that complement the other colors in the room, whether it be actual colors of items in the room, or quite possibly choosing totally different (but complementary) colors. For example, it really does not make sense to hang a predominantly blue mobile in front of a blue wall - unless, I suppose, you are REALLY into blue, or want an avant-garde look (that could be really cool, now that I think about it, Yves Klein is popping in my mind, ok I'm going to Photoshop now).
Blue on Blue Atomic Mobiles inspired by Yves Klein
(Blue on Blue - for no reason except it was fun to create and look at, and contemplate - Yves Klein eat your heart out)

Anyways... when in doubt, please feel free to email me a picture of the room the mobile will hang. I will help you design the perfect custom art mobile for your space with just the right colors. No extra charge!

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 The only limit is your imagination. Let me know what you have in mind and I'll create something unique and special for you!



More Fun With Color!
Let's group into similar color groups!

Alexander Calder Colors at Atomic Mobiles
Alexander Calder Colors
red | black | yellow | navy | white | green | orange | blue

Atomic Mobiles Palm Springs Colors - Orange Lime Aqua White
Palm Springs Colors
orange | lime | aqua | white

Red Colors at Atomic Mobiles
red | hot pink | pink

Blue Colors at Atomic Mobiles
aqua | light blue | blue | navy

Yellow color swatch for Sunbeam yellow color swatch for Mango yellow color swatch for
yellow | sunbeam | mango

Green Colors at Atomic Mobiles
lime | green | dark green | olive

Purple Colors at Atomic Mobiles
lavender | purple | dark purple

Brown Colors  at Atomic Mobiles
brown | tan | bamboo

Monochromatic Colors at Atomic Mobiles
white | black | gray 

Translucent pastel colors at
Pastel Translucents
glacier white | rose petal | sky blue | sunbeam | green tea | lilac | mango | ocean teal