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Debra Ann discovered the wild wonderful world of Dada when she was a teenager and it changed her life. With an unwavering insistence of exploring the unusual and creative, she is an artist, underground experimental/noise musician, writer, graphic designer, coder, and photographer.
Debra Ann, owner and founder of AtomicMobiles.com
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Originally from northern Indiana, she moved to California in 1990 and lived in San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years.

She now resides in the artsy neighborhood of Highland Park, in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA). Read about the LA neighborhood here: A Guide to Highland Park. And also Highland Park was - incredibly - voted #9th coolest neighborhood in the world by Timeout.com.

She has a fierce drive and desire to learn, explore, and experiment and to never give in to mediocrity or complacency.

The Dada of Mobiles

It’s interesting that the origin of mobiles began in 1930, well before the start of the mid-century modern era, when Alexander Calder created them (and Marcel Duchamp coined the term “mobiles” for his work in 1931. Mobiles function by adding  shapes of color and gentle movement - zen calm if you will - to a static space. Mobiles add that extra element - movement - that we as humans are drawn to and that we find so very compelling to look at. 

Look up! Put a mobile there!


Businesses and especially medical / dental offices: Add a mobile for your customer's enjoyment. Mobiles are compelling, draw people in, and make great additions to dentist and medical offices (calming), retail stores, hotels, restaurants, business offices, and galleries. Get inspiration here!


Debra Ann of Atomic Mobiles with her pug dog Pugaroo in her art studio in Los Angeles CaliforniaArtist Statement
We are human and we are filled with despair, happiness, grief, hope, dreams, fears, and as such we can never know precisely what another human being has experienced. Or is experiencing right now. Our days are made up of doubt. Filled with sadness and bouts of joy. Or is it the other way around? We enter this world without the benefit of an agreement except to fly. To fly away and hope someone understands. To fly away and hope someone...


That's all we can hope for. That's all we can do. It is that rare moment when it happens and all too often it is fleeting if at all. If I am lucky someone one out there will drift toward me in this vast sea of internet and circumstance. And understand. And fly away with me. Soaring to new heights, yet barely ever moving.

That is the mobile. 


Marcel Duchamp (who coined the term "mobiles"), Hans Arp (who coined "stabiles"), Sophie Taeuber, Tristan Tzara, Hannah Hoch, Emmy Hennings, Hugo Ball, Man Ray, and Moholy-Nagy. Dada is a major influence.

Additionally, abstract expressionism and avant-garde performance art, Ray and Charles Eames, Wayne Husted, George Nelson, Neutra, Julius Shulman, Isamu Noguchi, Harry Bertoia, and the entire mid-century modern - MCM - aesthetic.


Debra Ann's backyard featuring succulents and 8 foot mobile by AtomicMobiles.com