About Debbie | Atomic Mobiles

Debbie discovered the wild wonderful world of Dada when she was a teenager and it changed her life. With an unwavering insistence of exploring the unusual and creative, she is an artist, underground experimental/noise musician, writer, graphic designer, coder, inventor, and photographer.
Debra Ann, owner and founder of AtomicMobiles.com
Originally from northern Indiana, she moved to California in 1990 and lived in San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years.

She now resides and works in the artsy neighborhood of Highland Park, in North East Los Angeles (NELA). Her home is filled with art, vinyl record albums, 1950s/60s/70s Blenko glass, and lots of color.

She has an intense drive and desire to learn, explore, and experiment and to never give in to mediocrity or complacency. She created everything you see on this website, and is the founder/owner of Atomic Mobiles.

The Dada of Mobiles

It’s interesting that while mobiles are considered mid century, the origin of mobiles began in 1930 when Alexander Calder created them, well before the start of the mid-century modern era. His friend and dadaist Marcel Duchamp coined the term “mobiles” for his work in 1931 and Hans Arp (dadaist also) described the table top mobiles as "stabiles" and the phrase stuck.

Look up! Put a mobile there!


Mobiles function by adding shapes of color and gentle movement - zen calm if you will - to an otherwise blank space. Mobiles add that extra element - movement - that we as humans are drawn to and that we find so very compelling to look at. 


Debbie of AtomicMobiles.com with cute pug dogInfluences + Loves

Marcel Duchamp, Hans Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Tristan Tzara, Hannah Hoch, Emmy Hennings, Hugo Ball, Man Ray, and Moholy-Nagy. Obviously Dada is a major influence.

Additionally, abstract expressionism, avant-garde, experimental underground music, performance art, Ray and Charles Eames, Wayne Husted, Isamu Noguchi, Harry Bertoia, and the mid-century modern aesthetic.

And one very special pug.