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Debra Ann - owner and founder of AtomicMobliles.com - Calder Inspired Modern Art Mobiles

About Debra Ann

My name is Debra Ann and I founded and own Atomic Mobiles more than a decade ago. I create modern art in the form of custom handmade kinetic hanging art mobiles. I've been an artist since I was a kid and I've always loved creating paintings, drawings, cartoons, sculpture, music, and writing. 

I remember my 5th grade teacher back in the Midwest, Mrs. Ward, was obsessed with mobiles and we were given a classroom project of creating one. She pondered out loud how to make the shapes perfectly cut, thinking they might have to be die-cut, and that memory sticks with me today.

I've been online since 1995 selling my art and music through my own mailorder company. Art is not only very enjoyable for me - it is my world.

About Atomic Mobiles

In the spirit of the father of art mobiles, I strive to make modern art mobiles that bring color, form, and graceful movement to your home, office, or baby nursery. I love the way mobiles look and move so gently. The look is decidedly modern, mid-century modern to be specific. An art mobile adds the finishing touch to a beautiful modernist room and compliments such furnishings as Eames, Knoll, and Herman Miller.
Part of my AtomicMobiles.com studio where I create handmade hanging art mobiles and stabiles
Whether you live in an Eichler or 1950's atomic ranch home, a Palm Springs Alexander or Wexler, a contemporary or traditional, a shotgun home in Louisiana, an apartment, a pre-fab, or anything in between, a hanging mobile will add modern style, the finishing touch, to your beautiful room.

Have a vaulted ceiling? A tall ceiling? Any ceiling? Then you NEED a hanging art mobile! I go on a lot of art walks and visit high-ceiling lofts and a lot of art galleries, and I'm always amazed at the lack of mobiles in these spaces. Where are the mobiles??

I see amazing 20 foot ceilings that are bare, plain, empty space. Look up! Put a mobile there! By all means, if you have a tall ceiling, fill that space with a beautiful moving mobile! You'll be so glad you did. Even if you have only a standard 8 foot ceiling, you can find a perfect spot to hang a mobile.

Businesses! Add a mobile for your customer's enjoyment. Mobiles are compelling, draw people in, and make great additions to dentist and medical offices (calming), retail stores, hotels, restaurants, business offices, and galleries.

Artist Bio / Statement 

I love anything modern -- especially midcentury modern -- with clean lines, and bright bold colors. I discovered Dada when I was a teenager and the world was never the same after that.

I'm originally from northern Indiana and moved west to California in 1990. I lived in San Francisco (the Haight Ashbury and the Mission) for 8 years, and then moved north to Marin County. The Bay Area was my home for many years. Go Giants!

I now reside in the incredibly hip artsy neighborhood of Highland Park, in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA). Read about my LA neighborhood here: http://yorkandfig.com/


I love the work of Marcel Duchamp (who coined the phrase "mobiles"), Hans Arp, Sophie Taeuber, Tristan Tzara, Hannah Hoch, Emmy Hennings, Hugo Ball, Man Ray, and Moholy-Nagy. Dada is one of my major influences.

I'm also influenced by abstract expressionism and avant-garde performance art. Of course I also love Ray and Charles Eames, Wayne Husted, Saarinen, George Nelson, Neutra, Julius Shulman, Finn Juhl, Isamu Noguchi, Hans Wegner, and the entire mid-century modern aesthetic.

More Fun Adventures

In addition to making custom modern hanging art mobiles and stabiles, I create bold color modern abstract art pieces with polymer clay. I make high-quality large (up to 44") giclee prints in-house with my Epson PRO9800. You can see my abstract art here: Atomic Prints

Debra Ann owner and founder of AtomicMobiles.comI'm a geek of sorts who is an html coder (BBEdit), and a computer programmer who worked on CD-ROM authoring back in the day. I worked on the code for the foreign language section of the Herman Miller Aaron Chair CD-ROM in the mid 1990s.

I'm also a graphic designer, writer, experimental noise musician, webmistress. In addition to my own websites,  I maintain StephenHolmanArt.com for my friend Stephen. I'm also an avid photographer (my iPhone X and Canon EOS 80D).  I also invent things.

I've done all my work on Apple Macintosh computers since 1994 when I got my first Mac, a Quadra 900 with a whopping 25 mb of RAM. I fondly remember attending Mac World at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in those amazing early years in the 1990s.

And if that weren't enough, j'apprends le français parce que je 

I'm completely self-taught in everything that I do.



Pictures of my home:

Debra's living room - AtomicMobiles.com

My living room. 

Some of my favorite things: books, Blenko lamps, Bowie, Joy Division, geometic shapes, red Eames chair, my 2 orchids, leopard print chaise lounge, McIntosh stereo (tube amp baby!), and a Large MCM Mobile.


My vintage Blenko and Vinyl LPs - Debra of AtomicMobiles.com

A small portion of my Blenko and Vinyl LP collection, with Danish modern lamp and one of my abstract art pieces stretched on canvas. I have vintage Blenko glass (and mobiles! and my colorful art!) in literally every room of my home.


pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch in my back yard a few autumns ago.


My huge snake plants flowering! Debra of AtomicMobiles.com

 I love snake plants and these are over 4 feet tall, and flowering!


Debra Ann's backyard featuring succulents and 8 foot mobile by AtomicMobiles.com

Part of my backyard featuring succulents, clover field, Krusty, and an 8 foot hanging MCM art mobile.


Debbie of AtomicMobiles.com 

In my studio.