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About Debra Ann | Atomic Mobiles

Debra Ann of Atomic Mobiles in her studio

About Debra Ann

My name is Debra Ann and I founded and own Atomic Mobiles. I create modern art in the form of custom-made kinetic modern hanging art mobiles and I've been creating mobiles for over a decade. I've been an artist since I was a kid. I've always loved creating paintings, drawings, cartoons, sculpture, music, and writing. 

I remember my 5th grade teacher back in the Midwest, Mrs. Ward, was obsessed with hanging art mobiles and we were given a classroom project of creating one. She pondered out loud how to make the shapes perfectly cut, thinking they might have to be die-cut, and that memory sticks with me today.

I've been online since 1995 selling my art and music through my own mailorder company. Art is not only very enjoyable for me - it is my world.

About Atomic Mobiles
In the spirit of Alexander Calder, I strive to make modern art mobiles that bring color, form, and graceful movement to your home, office, or nursery. I love the way mobiles look and move so gently. The look is decidedly modern, mid-century modern to be specific. An art mobile adds the finishing touch to a beautiful modernist room and compliments such furnishings as Eames, Knoll, and Herman Miller.

Whether you own an Eichler or 50's atomic ranch home, Alexander, Wexler, a contemporary home, or anything in between, a hanging mobile will add the modern style, the finishing touch, to your beautiful room.

Have a vaulted ceiling? A tall ceiling? Any ceiling? Then you NEED a hanging art mobile! I go on a lot of art walks and visit high-ceiling lofts and a lot of art galleries, and I'm always amazed at the lack of mobiles in these spaces. Where are the mobiles??

I see amazing 20 foot ceilings that are bare, plain, empty space. Look up! Put a mobile there! By all means, if you have a tall ceiling, fill that space with a beautiful moving mobile! You'll be so glad you did. Even if you have only a standard 8 foot ceiling, you can find a perfect spot to hang a mobile.

Artist Bio

I'm originally from northern Indiana and moved west to California in 1990. I lived in San Francisco, the Haight Ashbury and the Mission for 8 years, and then moved up to Marin County. The Bay Area was my home for 16 years.

Then I had an interesting 3 year stint in the Arizona desert - ah... scorpions running across the living room floor is a real hoot - and then I moved to Southern California.

I now reside in the incredibly hip artsy neighborhood of Highland Park, in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA).

Read about my neighborhood here:

I'm completely self-taught in everything that I do.

Artist Statement
Debra Ann of Atomic Mobiles in her studioI love anything modern, with clean lines, and bright bold primary colors. I discovered Dada when I was a teenager and the world was never the same after that. I love the work of Marcel Duchamp (who coined the phrase "mobiles" for Alexander Calder), Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, and Man Ray. Of course I also love Ray and Charles Eames, Wayne Husted, and the entire mid-century modern aesthetic!

In addition to making custom modern hanging art mobiles and stabiles, I create modern abstract art giclee prints on an Epson PRO9800 and I own an extensive collection of vintage Blenko art glass from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and vinyl LPs.

I'm also a geek of sorts who loves to do html coding (yes, from-scratch with BBEdit), website design (like this one!), and Photoshop. I love anything Apple including my iPhone, MacBook Pro, MacMini, and 24" iMac; in fact, I've done all my work on Apple computers since 1994.

Pics from my home:


a small portion of my Blenko and Vinyl LP collection - I have vintage Blenko glass in literally every room of my home


another shot of my vintage Blenko glass collection


pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch in my back yard a few autumns ago