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You'll have your Atomic Mobiles art piece assembled (if necessary) and displayed quick and easy. If you have any questions I'm a phone call away (323) 640-0003 - 10 am to 5 pm M-F Pacific Time, ask for Debbie.

 How to hang your

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 How to assemble + hang your

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How to assemble + hang your


How to hang your


Space Age Lamp assembly video here



Multiple columns of hanging mobiles and room dividers can be hung separately on j-hooks screwed into the ceiling. As an alternative hanging method, I recommend a traverse rod such as IKEA VIDGA (with optional ceiling bracket).

How to hang art mobiles and room dividers by AtomicMobiles.com

Hanging instructions for retro mid century modern style room dividers by AtomicMobiles.com


Get Some INSPO (click to enlarge)

Ideas and Inspo on how to configure your Beatnik Party Atomic DIY Kits by AtomicMobiles.com - click to enlarge   Ideas + Inspo on how to configure your Coolsville Atomic DIY Kits by AtomicMobiles.com - click to enlarge.  Ideas + Inspo for Groovy Atomic DIY Kits by AtomicMobiles.com - click to enlarge  Ideas + Inspo for configuration options for Retro-A-GoGo DIY Kits by AtomicMobiles.com


The Moderne Stabile Set Up 

Setup your Moderne kinetic art stabile in no time with these simple instructions and 20 second video.

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Simple setup instructions for The Moderne kinetic stabile sculpture by AtomicMobiles.com

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Peeling the paper off of

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SAFETY NOTICE: mobiles and stabiles are not toys, keep out of reach of babies and children at all times