How to Hang Your Atomic Mobile

It's easy!

how to hang your Atomic Mobile by

 Your Atomic Mobile includes:

Atomic Mobiles Hardware Packet and Signed Certificate of Authenticity


Included hooks and line with all Atomic Mobiles - handmade mobile art by

Atomic Mobiles Hang Tag Indicating Hanging Loop

  • 1x J hook
  • 2x S hooks
  • approx. 5 feet of nylon line
  • Atomic Mobiles Art Catalog
  • fun Atomic Mobiles sticker
  • signed Certificate of Authenticity








Begin your mobile installation:

  1. using a stud sensor ($20 or less at a hardware store) find a stud in the ceiling where you want to hang it
  2. screw the J hook into the stud as far as it will go
  3. cut about 20 inches of the nylon line (included)
  4. securely tie one end of the nylon line onto one of the S hooks
  5. hang the S hook on the J hook you installed in the celing and let the nylon line dangle down
  6. determine the best drop down distance - I recommend about 12 to 16 inches from the ceiling, this looks best in most cases, but you are the final judge on what is visually pleasing to you
  7. cut the dangling nylon line to the desired length + about 3 inches to securely tie the end to the second S hook
  8. tie the second S hook to the bottom end of the nylon line
  9. remove the "hang tag" from your mobile and store it in the plastic bag for safekeeping with your signed Certificate of Authenticity. This hang tag shows you where your hanging loop is on the mobile
  10. hook the bottom S hook onto that loop on the mobile
  11. make sure all wire "arms" are untangled and moving smoothly, and that's it! 
  12. if you need some help or have questions, please email or call me (323) 640-0003


You're all done! ENJOY your new Atomic Mobile!