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Updated  24 February 2024


Red Moderne Modern Art stabile on white pedestal and Corbusier Lounge Chair - stabile by AtomicMobiles.comLove this sculpture! So beautiful. Definitely will buy more from this seller. -  daivasabl (ebay), New York

"hi!!!! I got my iridescent stabile yesterday and I'm so obsessed! it's perfection. perfectly packaged and super easy to put together. I've been collecting stabiles and mobiles for 35 years and have about 45 of them. I haven't bought one in a long time and then found your Etsy page and was so excited. I will write all this in a review when the site lets me. But I wanted to tell you right away how much I love this piece. I bought it for myself for my bday and I just want to stare at it all day! thank you again! I will definitely be a repeat customer. xoxo." Amy J. Chatsworth, CA



Sputnik in home in Phoenix AZ


Black Sputnik art mobile hanging in nook in home in Phoenix, AZ - mobile by



"I am looking at the AstroCat or a few hours now and  the quality in design, details of materials from the metal down to even the nylon cord and the personal touch is so good that I now wish as an artist and entrepreneur I was doing the same thing, just awesome! ..." Hans Klaverdijk, The Netherlands




Groovy white room divider by in retro apartment in Washington DC

Custom room divider created for client's groovy Washington DC apartment.

"Debra Ann was amazing! Debra created a custom order for me and I couldn’t be happier. Debra answered all my questions in a timely manner and accommodated all my needs. The mobiles are very nicely done with great precision and quality. They exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Atomic mobiles. Thank you!" John - Washington DC


"I just received my mobile and am so thrilled with it! Your designs are fabulous and I love mine. Waited for a few years to order but well worth the wait. Just fabulous! The certificate is a great touch it will be handed down."
Marty from Miami




White GROOVECATS CoolCat Hanging Art Mobile in client living room in Houston TX - kinetic art by

Client in Houston TX

All white HIPcat kinetic hanging art mobile

"I finally hung my mobile today and I love it!  There is an amazing Calder mobile that hangs at the center of the new Kinder building at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston that I have loved for years.  Now I get to enjoy a similar piece everyday in my own home!" Christi, Houston TX


Client in Woodstock NY

Black MODcast hanging kinetic art mobile by Atomic Mobiles in Woodstock NY modern contemporary home


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Client in Virginia

Clear Navy and Blue MODcast hanging art mobile installation

Clear Navy and Blue MODcast Hanging Art Mobile panels in modern home by
"Thanks Debbie. Nina had a lot of fun working with u on this project. Bests Jay"

Clear Navy and Blue MODcast hanging art panels mobile in Virginia by 


Atomic Mobiles is featured in Atomic Ranch Magazine's Modern Makers in the Design Issue! 

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Debra Ann of Atomic Mobiles featured in two page spread in Atomic Ranch Magazine's The Design Issue 2020

 #atomicmobiles #theatomicranch

Rainbow Moderne Art Stabile with happy client in Hollywood FL

Happy boy with Thank You sign in front of Rainbow colored MODERNE Art Stabile sculpture by



Retro-A-GoGo Vertical Hanging Art Mobile in Palm Springs colors of Lime, Aqua, and Orange in modern living room by

Hi Debbie

I wanted to send you a photo of our mobile in situ! ... The mobile really finishes off the entire room, which is a large open living/dining/kitchen space. The mobile hangs over an open staircase to the lower level which always seemed to be an unappealing empty open space. The mobile definitely deflects from the gaping, chasm-like open space of the stairway. We lived in Palm Springs for 5 years and although we ultimately did not enjoy living in the desert our eyes were opened up to MCM design!!!
Thank you again!!
Be well

 CA Modern Northern California Eichler Network Magazine featuring Mod Earrings Stabile COOLSVILLE by

click to enlarge

Northern California Eichler Network magazine CA MODERN features Mod Earrings Stabile COOLSVILLE by Atomic Mobiles. 

 Wearable art earrings create the kinetic part of the art sculpture stabile when you're not wearing them. 


#EichlerNetwork #CAModern #Coolsville #ModEarrings #Stabiles #NorthernCalifornia

Coolsville hanging art mobile in red and gray in customer in New Mexico's home by

"I'll start with a WoW this Coolsville Mobile is really beautiful I had it customized for our color palette in our home as you can see in the pictures. What a class act Debbie is! personable professional and great communication in our emails everything you want from an online ordering business, she got ours together very quickly despite the custom colors and the packaging was very professional, the box was perfect when it arrived (in 3 days) awesome service, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATOMIC MOBILES
Thank you Debbie..."     
Mike F.   

#coolsville #midcenturymodern #hangingartmobiles #red #gray 

Clear Orange Coolsville Room Divider in Mid Century Modern Home

Clear Orange Coolsville Room Divider installed in stairway railing in mid century modern home by


Clear Orange Coolsville Room Divider installed in stairway railing in mid century modern home by

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Black and White Coolsville Room Divider in Mid Century Modern Home

Black and White Coolsville Room Divider installed in mid century modern home by


 Coolsville Black And White Room Divider in Retro MCM Room By 

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Beatnik Party Window Treatment

5 Star Review on Etsy for Beatnik Party Window Treatment Curtains in Red, Aqua, Black, and Gray by


Debra Ann was featured in December 2020 Newsletter!

Debra Ann of featured in December 2020 Newsletter 

#makeitmidcentury #atomicmobiles #midcenturymodern 

Beatnik Party in Gorgeous Clear Colors Beautiful Clear Colors of Blue Orange and Yellow Vertical Beatnik Party Hanging Mobile by



Atomic Mobiles used in set decor on the Doom Patrol DC Universe show

Beatnik Party Mobile was made for use in DOOM PATROL TV show. It will appear in Season 2, Episode 4.






Cute dog in mid century modern living room looking at modern kinetic art stabile sculpture by

Hi Debbie!
My stabile arrived today and I wanted to send you a pic. I love it! And apparently, so does my dog Boo Boo.
Brian P., Laguna Woods, CA


Custom Beatnik Party pre-assembled 3 column screen in Lime Green, Gray, and White created for Architect Karen Otis' office in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Beatnik Party in Lime Green, Gray, and White created for Architect office in Fountain Hills AZ - by



I love this shop! Debbie is so easy to work with and is always prompt with her replies. My purchase was a custom order; and she is so enthusiastic to help you with your vision. She'll take your request and then send you a mock-up of what it would look like so you can tweek it if you need to. This is a photo of my atrium with Debbie's creation. - Brian P., California

Beatnik Party in Palm Springs colors for client in California by


Received the mobile today. So amazing!!

Allison B., 


Dear Debbie,
I received my mobile and am delighted with it! Thank you very much for sharing your artistry and talents with us in Internet land.  It's going to be a Christmas present for my son, who is putting together his new home, and I know that he will enjoy it very much. 
I found your site with an internet search, which was a lovely surprise. I plan to be a customer again in the future. 
Kind regards,
Laura P., New York


Hi Debra,
You nailed it!  It looks great. Finally got it up today. It was the last piece we needed to tie the space together.  Thank you so much!
Lydia V., 


Custom CoolCat for client handmade modern art hanging mobile by 


It arrived today and I love it!!!

Thank you


Custom color Mobilized create for client in Missouri:

 Multi custom color Mobilized modern hanging art mobile for client in Missouri by


Hi Debbie!!! It arrived!!! Thank you soooo much!  Im so happy 😃

Julie M., Chile



Hi Deb
We finally moved in and got the mobile hung above the staircase. It’s perfect! 
Thank you

Kristi B., Florida


CoolCat hanging art mobile in modern client home in Florida - mobile by


"Every so often, I look up at the mobile you made to see if it has moved. It seemingly never moves, but apparently, it's stirring the air, ever so gently. I'll definitely be buying another one soon. I live in a mid-century modern house and love all things MCM, so your mobile fits perfectly." -- Dianna H. 


Love the Exuberant mobile! I have a lot of bold colors in my living room and the Palm Springs Colors fit in perfectly. Thank you for making such a fun and unique product. This was the finishing touch I needed for my decor.  :-)

Liz F.

Colorful Exuberant modern hanging art mobile by


Atomic Mobiles features in Atomic Ranch Magazine

Atomic Mobiles featured in Atomic Ranch Magazine

shop the mobile shown 

---------------------------------------- TV Commercial

 My Retro mobile (on the upper right) appeared in an commercial with Jeff Goldblum.

Atomic Mobiles Retro Mobile appearing in Commercial with Jeff Goldblum

watch it



Giant Exuberant in Alice + Oliva store in Los Angeles

Atomic Mobiles Exuberant Mobile in Alice + Olivia store in Los Angeles California

Exuberant Mobile



The Moderne in client home 

shop the look

The Moderne client photo - stabiles by Moderne Stabile in client home - by

shop the look



Received the mobile yesterday.   Looks great!!  Here are a few shots of it in place.  Thanks again.  Very happy with the finished product.

David S., 

Custom Retro modern hanging art mobile for client handmade by


Super cool Space Age mobile in stairwell for client!

Thanks to your quick work and kindness, the mobile is now hanging in its permanent home. And it’s amazing!!! Photo attached, but it doesn’t do it justice.
Thank you!!
Michele F., Virginia

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Space Age mobile in stairwell - by




Atomic Mobiles at Modernism Week 2019 - Atomic Ranch Magazine Pop Up Store: 

Atomic Mobiles at Modernism Week 2019 - Atomic Ranch Magazine Pop Up Store

Choose your colors for your Moderne or Quatorze stabile

 Atomic Mobiles at Modernism Week 2019 - Atomic Ranch Magazine Pop Up Store
Atomic Mobiles in Atomic Ranch Magazine's Popup Store in Palm Springs Modernism Week 2019.

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Hi Deb,

Happy Holidays! He loved it….can’t wait to hang it up. Thanks again….



Debra....we LOVE your mobile. We just hung it in our vacation condo in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Couldn't be happier. - Don S.


Hi Deb, 

I ordered this mobile from you almost two years ago now!  For almost as long, I've been meaning to send you pictures, I just never got there.  I wanted to say thank you so much for the mobile.  My son is 1.5 now and recently has become interested in it.  We play with it when he's awake and he asks me to spin it for him before he goes to sleep.  I love that it is such a cool looking piece and I feel like I can keep it in his room forever because it isn't baby themed.
Anne P., Ofallon IL
ModCast mobile in client nursery - hanging art mobile by ModCast mobile in client nursery - dark green baby nursery - hanging art mobile by ModCast mobile in client nursery - dark green baby nursery with mobile - hanging art mobile by

See more ModCast mobile colors and sizes here




The mobiles look GREAT in my space.   Better than expected.  See attached pictures.  Thanks! - Steven O., Michigan

Trio of Vertical Mobiles in client home in Michigan - custom made by


Trio of Vertical mobiles custom handmade for client in Michigan by

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Excellent, thanks so much Debbie! We love working with you and will continue to keep you in mind for future events. Best, Colleen - Benjamin Moore & Co 

(purchased 5 Mobilized mobiles in all red)

 Red Mobilized Hanging Mobile created for Benjamin Moore by



I just received the mobile.  Love the way it looks and moves in my living room. - Grace L., San Diego, CA

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Client image of Space Age Mobile by - orange, olive green, and brown colors

Dear Deb, 

Thank you so much for the AWESOME mobile!! It is the cherry on top!!! You rocked all of the communication......put up with the constant changes and questions. You are a star. 

We are beyond happy with our purchase. The colors are perfect. The attached picture doesn't do it justice. :) 


Amy, Illinois 

The Moderne stabile in Trabert & Hoeffer jewelry store display at the Peninsula Hotel Chicago
"Thanks for making this happen!" - Connie G., Chicago IL

client photo of Space Age mobile

"Thank you very much for your work on this mobile. We love it. It lives in one of the most peaceful rooms in our home and adds just one more level of calm to our lives. It is an amazing piece of art that is always changing and is new and exciting each time we see it. Sorry I am not the best photographer, but the attached photo shows where your work now lives. Our house is on the side of a large hill and the mobile is in our piano room; an amazing room full of windows that look out across the edge of the hill we live on." -- Tracy M., MN

client photo of mobile
"Dear Debbie-- I LOVE the mobile you made for me ! You asked me for a photo and I can't stop taking is one, with others to follow momentarily.
Thanks--it looks beautiful in my space, I think you'll agree.... And I just can't stop taking them!" - Stephen L., Cambridge MA mobile photo by client

"I was so excited, surprised, and happy to find the mobile delivered last week, well ahead my hoped for deadline of August 15th. It is lovely, and my husband (was for his 50th birthday), who I might add is quite particular when it comes to interior design, absolutely loves the mobile! We've held it up in several different places, but haven't found the perfect spot just yet. It's there somewhere!... Thank you again, for meeting my deadline and for making such a great product! We will enjoy it for a long time."
Sincerely, Gretchen M., WA

CoolCat in Aqua and Gold in new baby girl's wonderful nursery (hi Arika, Chris, and Calliope!!), Eagle River, AK

"Sorry that it took me soooooo long to get you a photo of your beautiful creation. We love your mobile, and as you can see, it is exactly what we needed to complete the wall of our MCM remodel. A John Depuy original (he studied Abstract Expressionism with Hans Hoffman in NYC in the '50's) is to the left, and his wife Isabelle's piece is to the right-- the colors really unite them with each other." -- Suzanne M-H., Moab, UT

"My wife is very happy." Robert S., Toledo, OH

" came today and I love it! I'm hanging it in a transom space in my 120-year-old 12-foot ceiling New Orleans shotgun and it looks perfect. thanks so much." -- Suzanne C., New Orleans, LA

"The stabile adds a lot to living room decor"-- Richard B., Phoenix, AZ 

ModCast Mobile in Palm Springs colors
Suzanne O., Dallas, TX 

MidCentury Mobile in multi colors
Rick R. 

(ordered 2 Moderne stabiles - no pics)
"They arrived today. Very nice - thank you." -- Lesley, London, UK

Exuberant Atomic Mobile
"My husband loves his new Christmas mobile!"
Cynthia T.

Client photo of Atomic Mobile ModCast in Germany
"Hi Debra, the mobile has arrived and I´m very happy with it. Thank you. I put it under the ceiling immediately. Thank you very much. With greetings from Hamburg, Germany" --Jochen

Client photo of Atomic Mobile hanging over fish aquarium
hanging over fish aquarium "We love it." -- Doug W., Rancho Mirage CA

Client Photo of Midcentury Mobile in home
"Hi Deb, I LOVE THIS THING! Thank you for my lovely mobile. It goes so wonderfully in my new home. The mobile hangs above a small glass dining table in a room with super high ceilings and it looks fab. You can't see the bulk of the room because I sent the best mobile photo....but it really makes a statement. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE." - Cindy A., Thornburg PA

Atomic Mobile At Alice + Olivia store in Beverly Hills California Atomic Mobile installed at Alice + Olivia retail store in Beverly Hills California
8-FOOT Atomic Mobile installed at ALICE + OLIVIA. This mobile was installed for their Grand Opening at 408 Beverly Blvd Beverly Hills, California on April 5, 2013.

"I have wanted to thank you for being SO attentive! The mobile was for my husband, I gave it to him for Valentines Day....he was surprised! You are very talented! Thanks again" -- Cindy K - Greensboro NC

Client photo of Large Moderne Stabile
"Here is the best photo that I have taken of the stabile in my room. It looks beautiful!" - Bill V., San Diego, CA

Client Photo of Atomic Mobile hanging in baby nursery
"Thanks for the awesome custom mobile. It looks great in the nursery complimenting our other decorations and art!! Megan (mother of Jaimeson, recipient)" - Megan M. Verona WI

Client photo of Atomic Mobile's stabile art on Noguchi coffee table
On a lovely Noguchi coffee table. Tom S., Lansing MI

Client Photo of The Moderne Art Stabile in Glow in the Dark colors
"Wow! Thanks! The stabile totally jazzed the table. It used to be just an end table. Now it is mobile modern! Good juju too thanks to you!" -- Terri K, Phoenix AZ

ATOMIC MOBILES was featured in My Child magazine
(Spring 2013 issue, Australia):

Atomic Mobiles featured in My Child Magazine from Australia Atomic Mobiles featured in My Child magazine from Australia

Client photo of XL Atomic Mobile in backyard client photo of hanging art mobile by Atomic Mobiles at night with moon in background
art mobile hanging outdoors in Valencia, CA -- and another view at night
"My MCM Yellow custom built arrived with a Safe and Sound landing on Monday afternoon. It is very nice and is now in place." Dale W, Valencia, CA (the white dot in the background is the moon!)

Atomic Mobile hanging in modern room in Argentina
"...If I lived in the US, I think I would have one in every room."
- Nina B., Argentina

Black kinetic art mobile hanging in Beverly Hills home by
" it is! It's in a doorway so it gently moves all it - so much so, I just ordered a stabile." Kay - Beverly Hills, CA

"I just love my mobile.It's like having an aquarium but you don't have to feed it.
Best to you, my dear," Paisley R., Austin TX

client photo of large MCM midcentury modern art mobile by
"Spouse is happy, I am happy: Thanks again!...Thanks again (I don't) exaggerate when I describe how we enjoy it! :o) Take care, Martin W."

photo of mobile hanging in baby nursery by - image by client
"Thanks so much. It's perfect - he loves it, as do we."
- Sarah R.

Hanging mobile with NBC building in Chicago in background - by
"Here it is in Chicago. That's the NBC building behind it. It is beautiful. Thanks!" Nancy T.

"Hi Deb - I received the mobile I ordered and it looks great! Perfect size and shape for the space. Thank you! -- Craig L.

Hanging mobile by - client photo in baby nursery
Dear Debbie, Our baby room is almost ready. The mobile has added so much to it. I am a type A personality and always research a lot before getting anything. I was happy to find your original mobiles, so different from all those that can be found on the market. We love the way it looks, moves and complements the colors of our nursery. It turned out to be even better than expected. Thank you so much for the work you put into it, your creativity and advise. -- Emilia J.

We are so excited for the delivery of our mobile for our modern nursery. It is the perfect touch for our mid century modern home. Our daughter will be here at the end of July and we hope we can put it up before her arrival. I'm glad your business is thriving and best of luck on all those orders. Sincerest thanks, Tawny and Adrian A.

Just received it! Love it! Thank you :)
Megan R.

Two hanging mobiles by in twin baby nursery - photo by client
Hi Debbie, We love the twin mobiles you made for us!! The babies arrived a little early but they are home with us now and love looking up at your beautiful mobiles!

pink hanging art mobile by in little girl's pink room - photo by client
Space Age in pink - in a remodeled little girl's room

Hanging art mobile in living room in Panama - mobile by - image by client
ModCast in in a living room in Panama.

Mobile by hanging at Google Headquarters in Mountain View California
Retro mobile in GOOGLE COLORS hanging in the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California

"Exuberant arrived several days ago and everyone is thrilled with it ! Its so beautifully crafted and proportioned, colors are fabulous, etc !!!!! All my designers have noted your website for future reference. The party is next Wednesday, so the new-dad-designer has not seen it yet. I'm presenting it on black board at the toast/party. Thanks so much for making it with so much advance time. Bravo on your great work and industry !!!!!" -- Deenie Y., Los Angeles CA

Mobile by hanging at Crescent Theater in Mobile, Alabama - photo by client
CoolCat mobile in custom colors hanging in the Crescent Theater in Mobile Alabama (mobile in Mobile!)
"Wow! how beautiful it is... I love it." - Max M., Mobile AL

Mobile by hanging in alcove of client's home

"Arrived. Delighted. We'll send a photo when it's in place. This all started when we bought a Rietveld chair, like the one below, in our local auction. It will live on a landing under a sloping roof. We decided it needed a mobile near it. And now we have it. Best," Caroline R., United Kingdom hanging art mobiles commissioned several years ago by Ralph Lauren for it's retail strores
ATOMIC MOBILES was commissioned several years ago to create mobiles for Polo Ralph Lauren stores across the country, including Chicago (Michigan Avenue) IL, Atlanta GA, Palm Beach FL, and New Canaan CT.

Mobile by in client's baby nursery - photo by client
I wanted to let you know I got my mobile up and I love it! Thank you so much. Jane

"Hi Debbie, I finally got to hang up the mobile and it looks great. I will send a pic when i get the chance." -- Thanks Marie

Client photo of mobile by
"The customer service and attention to the customer was really extraordinary" m.n.

Client photo of mobile by

Mobile created for Hoover Vacuum Cleaner TV commercial - by
Mobile created for nationwide Hoover Vacuum TV commercial

Baby nursery mobile with baby by - photo by client
"My in-laws purchased this for our daughter for Christmas. We love it! It is a beautiful piece of art for her room." -- Kate T. / Germantown, TN

We got it and it's great! Thank you!!! -S

More than art, her work speaks to you and engages your mind and soul, we love it
Peter T. / San Diego CA

Beautiful work of art! You truly are a phenomenon. Glad to have purchased your beautiful piece for my friend's household. You capture the subtle micro-air movements in a room yet the mobile looks more solid but is perfectly weighted...i'm left wondering if some of the beauty of the hole through one of the paddles is to effect motion as much as beauty.

Your art is understated and I can't wait for my piece to become more famous with you.

A. Redstone

"Hi Deb: I ordered a Jet Set mobile which I recived shortly before Christmas. We hung it after the tree was taken down. I wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE it! the colors I chose are perfect for my home and everyone thinks it's cool. Thank you!!!" -- Kathleen B.

"Dear Debbie,
today I got the mobile. It looks great and very retro! ...

Thank you for your work!
Kind regards

Dear Debra,
I got your mobile today in perfect condition. Thank You very much. It's an amazing piece of art. I'm so happy with it! When it is hanged I will send you a picture and a video for you.
Thanks again Debra.
Best regards from Barcelona.

Wow and Yeow!! I had no idea that you were going to actually have to construct it. Too Cool. I live in a mid century modern house that is on the National Register and is a City of Austin Landmark. It's called 'Southwind' and was the home, studio, and gallery of Seymour Fogel. I've spent the last 15 years restoring it. This mobile is going to look FABULOUS.
Take your time, Debbie. I'm in no big hurry.
Thanks a lot,

ALL VOTE ARE IN... IT'S OFFICIAL... YOU'RE 2 for 2!! We have (another) WINNER!!!!!!!! Still have room for ONE more, so I'll let you catch a breath, and hit you up soon... You truly are: "THE QUEEN"
Jimmy H. (second mobile purchase)

Baby, YOU DID ME GOOD!!! Can't tell you how happy I am. You put (the father of mobiles) to shame! You'll be hearing for me on the future. Continued success, stay busy, and by all means: ENJOY LIFE...... YOU ARE THE QUEEN

Boise, Idaho

I am not surprised that you have so many orders, your mobiles are amazing! -- Suzanne E.

its beautiful & perfect...its going up today!! thank u most amazing & beautiful artiste'....(o:
Lynda S.

Hello Debbie!
I just came back from a fishing trip and your mobile was waiting for me in my mailbox! Thank you so much! It's already hanging exactly where I had been imagining it since the first day I talked to you... The style, size and colors are perfect! My kids and I absolutely LOVE it! You do wonderful work and I'm happy for you that you have been swamped by orders... it's a happy problem!:) Thank you also for engraving your signature.  You will now be known by people from Quebec and I will proudly refer them to you.
All the best,
Natalie Canada

"Thank you so much Debbie! Beautiful! Love!"
Sent from my iPhone

"What beautiful mobiles you make! I'm very excited about seeing it. I have purchased this mobile for my husband's birthday for his office."

"I love the Kinetic Sculpture... it looks fantastic in my son's nursery! Thanks!"

"A truly wonderful, artsy, & fulfilling experience. Wonderful seller!"

"We are very interested in purchasing one of your "modern baby" mobiles, size Medium. We are intrigued by the design, and found your website by searching for (classic) style baby mobiles..."

"Beautiful work, looks great hanging on my wall"

"Love it! Thanks and we love your mobiles too."

"Totally worth the it-great quality! Love staring at mobile in my son's room."

"wonderful , really nice well made product . thank you"

"Wonderfull mobile. Great seller. Thank you so much!!!!!!!"


"Do you believe in magic? Finest item, fast delivery, friendly seller/artist!"

"I love love love it! Thanks again :)"

"Breathtaking! Thank you Debra Ann!"

"Amazing artist!"

"Beautiful Piece! I would do it again."

"Can't wait to hang our mobile. Thanks for the fast shipment!"

"A truly wonderful, artsy, & fulfilling experience. Wonderful seller!"

"I received my mobile today & love it!"