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The Strobile

The Strobile

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Modern Art Sculpture (Stabile)

This unique stabile is called a "strobile" -- because of it's cone-shaped base. The Strobile stabile exudes modern style in droves. Display it on your desk, countertop, coffee table, or shelf. Don't have a place to hang a mobile? Don't want to put a hook in your ceiling? This modern sculpture art stabile is perfect for you! No hanging. Just display it on a flat surface and enjoy the compelling gentle movement of the color shapes.

Made from high quality stainless steel wire, satin finish acrylic circle shapes and heavy resin for the cone base. All materials are Made in the USA.


  • SIZE: 17"h x 17"w x 10"d 
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb
  • FOOTPRINT: 3 5/8 inches (cone diameter)
  • CONE COLOR: Black or choose from 6 colors -- see Color Chart
  • SHAPES COLORS: 24 colors available -- see Color Chart

Dada Inspired Modern Desktop Art


A stabile is a free-standing kinetic mobile that sits on a flat surface, so you do not need to hang it, you simply set it and enjoy. The word "stabile" was coined by the Dadaist Jean (Hans) Arp in 1931 for  the founder of art mobiles and stabiles AC.


  • high quality stainless steel wire
  • satin finish acrylic color shapes
  • opaque resin base
  • all materials Made in the USA
  • simple 1-step assembly required
  • made to order in Los Angeles by Debra Ann
  • includes signed Certificate of Authenticity for provenance
  • FREE USPS Priority shipping within the USA
  • ships worldwide

Custom colors available

(click to enlarge)

Color Chart for Custom Color Strobile kinetic art sculpture stabile by

See The Strobile in motion! 


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