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SALE! SURPRISE Grab Bag DIY KIT Aqua Orange + White

SALE! SURPRISE Grab Bag DIY KIT Aqua Orange + White

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These are fun MOD parts in a DIY Kit that you assemble any way you wish. You get 30 acrylic parts and s-hooks. Create wall art, a cool mobile, window treatment, or a room divider, it's up to you. Re-arrange anytime. Nicely priced. Ships today - no wait!

NOTE: the parts will have the protective paper or plastic on both sides, simply make a starter notch on the edge with fingernail or paper clip and peel off. Watch demonstration video here

COLORS: Opaque Aqua, Orange, White (Palm Springs colors!)

SIZE: 11" w x 51"h (as shown, but you can assemble it in more or less columns - the choice is yours!)

PARTS: 30 x 4" shapes + 30 s-hooks

Groovy Features:

  • s-hooks for quick assembly
  • groovy glossy finish acrylic color shapes with protective paper on both sides
  • includes everything you need to hang your Atomic Mobile (nylon line, 2 j-hooks, and easy instructions)
  • handmade in Los Angeles, California by Debra Ann when you order
  • FREE USPS Priority shipping within the USA
  • ships worldwide
Your custom art mobile arrives at your door ready to assemble and enjoy!




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