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  • The Atomic Mobile in all red representing Love - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in all clear acrylic representing Government Transparency - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in blue, navy, orange, and green - representing Climate Change awareness - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in green, dark green, olive green, and brown - representing Environmental Protection and Awareness - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in all green representing a New Green Deal - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in red white and blue representing the USA - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in all hot pink representing Womens Rights - by
  • The Atomic Mobile in black and red representing MDA - by
  • The Atomic Mobile - Mobilized Edition - 12x18 by
  • The Atomic Mobile simple MODular assembly by
  • The Atomic Mobile box packaging by
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The Atomic Mobile | Mobilized

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Get Mobilized - Exclusive!

MODular styling... dramatic simplicity... exclusive Mobilized Edition!

Exclusive Mobilized Edition hanging art mobile. Small size 12"h x 18"w fits beautifully over countertops, beds, sofas, or almost anywhere.  Display a mobile that symbolizes what matters to you. Hand made in Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Calif.

Order multiples for a dramatic look!

The Atomic Mobile is a new concept in hanging kinetic art mobiles. Hang one or several to create a head-turning look. Optional Color Sets make switching out colors a snap! 

You receive the circle shapes and the pre-assembled wire mobile framework. Simply attach the circles onto the S-Hooks and you're ready to hang.

Everyone's goal should be to be a generous, kind, caring person in the 21th century and to come together as one in this ever-divided world.


The Meaning of 8 Color Designs

I created 8 color designs that are symbolic of eight critical issues I feel are worthy of your attention and support. GET MOBILIZED!

    1. LOVE - Red which symbolizes our hearts and the power of our collective voices to do good.
    2. US Government Transparency - Symbolized in clear acrylic shapes.
    3. Climate Change - Awareness of the realities of climate change to save our air, water, land, environment and the future of our Earth for generations to come.
    4. Environmental Awareness - Greens and brown symbolize the earth and the importance of protecting it.
    5. Green New Deal - Symbolizes the need for substantive change and empathy in this country.
    6. Red White & Blue - Upholding and protecting the Constitution of the USA.
    7. Women's Rights - Equal pay, equal rights, and the right to make medical decisions about our own bodies.
    8. MDA - A bit of a departure from democracy causes, but still very relevant. The son of dear friends of mine has muscular dystrophy and I want to raise awareness of this disease. (MDA)


Each mobile comes with all necessary hanging hardware, hanging instructions, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

The color shapes are made from 1/8" thick glossy finish acrylic and high quality stainless steel wire. 

Custom Mobilized colors by want custom colors? go here