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MOBILIZED art mobile to raise awareness of LBGTQ Rights - by

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I've designed one very special hanging art mobile to increase awareness of important issues here in the United States

I'm not a political person and I'm not siding with any particular US political party. My aim is to work towards positive change and improvement. Everyone's goal should be to be a generous, kind, caring person in the 21th century. It's called human decency, honesty, and integrity, and has nothing to do with one political party over the other.

The Meaning of 10 Color Designs

I created 10 color designs that are symbolic of 10 critical issues I feel are worthy of your attention and support. GET MOBILIZED!

    1. LGBTQ - Rainbow Colors symbolizing solidarity and equal rights of all human beings
    2. Women's Rights - Equal pay, equal rights, and the right to make medical decisions about our own bodies
    3. All Colors Are Equal - Equality for all human beings
    4. Red White & Blue - Upholding and protecting the Constitution of the USA
    5. Love - Red which symbolizes our hearts and the power of our collective voices to do good (PBS
    6. US Government Transparency - symbolized in clear acrylic shapes (GAO)
    7. From Darkness, Light - Glow in the dark! The power and importance of education and the Arts (NEA)
    8. Forest, Parks, Land, Animals - Protecting our country's natural resources (Conservation Fund)
    9. Climate Change - Awareness of the realities of climate change to save our air, water, land, environment and the future of our Earth for generations to come 
    10. MDA - A bit of a departure from democracy causes, but still very relevant. The son of dear friends of mine has muscular dystrophy and I want to raise awareness of this disease. (MDA)

I have no association with the links in the above parenthesis, they are just a few starting point suggestions for you to begin your own mobilization. 

Call and write your Representatives, run for local office, donate to reputable charities, make your voice heard!


As always, each mobile is handmade by me and arrives at your door fully assembled. Each mobile comes with all necessary hanging hardware, hanging instructions, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

The color shapes are made from 1/8" thick matte finish acrylic and high quality stainless steel wire. 4 sizes are available - Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge.

See pulldowns above for Size, Prices, and Color Choices.

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