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Custom Mini Panel MODcast

Custom Mini Panel MODcast

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Mini Panel MODcast art installation featuring 119 multicolor panels, each 5.85"x5.85" square. Includes s-hook connectors and j-hooks for top and bottom.

Each column hangs separately. The art piece is completely modular, meaning, the panels can be arranged as desired and re-arranged anytime.


  • 119 multi transparent color panels measuring 5.85" square each
  • total size = 108"h x 42"w
  • includes connector s-hooks
  • includes j-hooks for each column (7 for top, 7 for bottom)
  • includes signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • FREE USPS shipping to Florida


  • transparent green
  • transparent smoky gray
  • transparent teal
  • transparent navy
  • transparent orange
  • transparent purple
  • transparent pink


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