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Space Age RotaMobiles

Space Age RotaMobiles

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The Space Age RotaMobile is a new concept in hanging art mobiles that rotates and spins in the wind. These fabulously unique hanging pendant mobiles look beautiful grouped as two or more, creating a beautiful mid century modern look.

Versatile design hang as a pendant mobile ... or display as a tabletop modern sculpture on your shelf, counter, or coffee table

Combine two or more RotaMobiles in the same style -- and even different sizes -- or a variety of styles for a  marvelous grouping display unlike any other.


Small - 6" tall x 12" wide
Medium - 9" tall x 19" wide
Large - 11" tall x 24" wide


  • space age retro mid century modern styling
  • hang as a rotating pendant mobile or display on any flat surface as a a modern art sculpture
  • select from 12 designer colors or choose your own custom colors
  • add a motor spinner (not included - check Amazon) for continuous spinning (looks super cool with multiple RotaMobiles grouped together)


  • made from 1/8" thick glossy acrylic plexiglass and wood center disc or choose all wood
  • flat pack shipping
  • DIY KIT - simple assembly - display in minutes
  • includes metal hanging loop with swivel and nylon line
  • signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • made to order in Los Angeles, Calif. USA

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Choose Your Colors

Color Chart for Space Age RotaMobile kinetic hanging art mobile in acrylic plexiglass by 


PREFER CUSTOM COLORS? Consult the COLOR CHART below (click to enlarge),  select CUSTOM - YOU CHOOSE in the Color Pulldown, then contact me with your selections by color name(s).


Color Chart for Space Age RotaMobiles - custom colors for hanging art mobiles - by



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