Handmade Boomerang Retro style earrings and stabile kinetic modern art sculpture in Red and Black by AtomicMobiles.com

Boomerang earrings + stabile art sculpture

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MODular Earrings + Art Stabile by AtomicMobiles.com

earrings + stabile

Wearable art!  Your earrings become the kinetic part of the art sculpture when you aren’t wearing them. Custom handmade in LA with materials made in the USA.

Choose from 2 sizes:
Boomerang earrings + stabile modern art sculpture in 2 sizes by AtomicMobiles.com
Medium: 8 1/4"h x 8 1/2"w (earrings: 2 3/4"h x 1 3/4"w)
Small: 6"h x 6 1/4"w (earrings: 2 1/4"h x 1 1/4"w)


These earrings are made from no-worry, no-pain hypo-allergenic titanium ear wire, stainless steel rings, and adorably mod acrylic dangle shapes. Show your mid century modern style with these modern earrings! 


large views of Boomerang earrings stabile modern art sculpture by AtomicMobiles.com

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  • designed and handmade in Los Angeles
  • all materials made in the USA
  • matte finish 1/8" thick acrylic art stabile sculpture
  • stabile ships flat - simple one-step setup
  • one pair of Atomic Earrings w/gift box
  • hypo-allergenic titanium ear wire
  • silicone rubber backs
  • signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • custom colors available
  • perfect for gift giving!
  • FREE shipping within the USA

An Atomic Mobiles exclusive design. 

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Custom colors for MODular Earring and Stabile Modern Kinetic Art by AtomicMobiles.com want custom colors? go here


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SAFETY NOTICE: this is not a toy and must be kept out of reach of babies and children at all times