FAQ Atomic Kits vs Atomic Screens

what is the difference?

 My mid century modern retro style room dividers are available two ways: 


Atomic Kits - DIY Room Dividers - Mid Century Modern Retro Style by AtomicMobiles.com


  • 1/8" thick acrylic
  • glossy finish
  • stainless steel S-hook connectors
  • each column hangs separately
  • DIY easy assemble
  • easy re-arrange anytime
  • flat compact storage
  • custom colors
  • affordable budget friendly
  • fast shipping within 3 to 5 business days



Atomic Screens - Handmade Room Dividers - Mid Century Modern Retro Style by AtomicMobiles.com


  • 1/8" thick acrylic
  • satin matte finish
  • stainless steel ring connectors
  • each column hangs separately
  • custom colors
  • permanently hand assembled by Debra Ann
  • allow approx. 2 weeks for your Atomic Screen to be hand made




Why is there a difference in price between the Kits and Screens?

I make and pre-assemble the Atomic Screens so they arrive at your door ready to hang, and I also give each part double coats of satin matte finish. This process is very time consuming and therefore is priced higher. Atomic Kits arrive at your door ready for you to assemble (fast, easy, and a lot of fun!). They are glossy finish. You simple hang each part on S-hooks and rearrange any time you want.


Can I get the Screens in custom colors?

Yes, everything I create is available in custom colors including the Atomic Screens. Contact me with your color choices and the style you like and I'll make a Photoshop mockup for you to better visualize prior to purchasing.


Can I get it made from transparent see-through colors that reflect light?

Yes! I offer 12 clear colors that look stunning in a window or reflecting light off walls and ceilings. Here is my Color Chart:

Color Chart of 40 beautiful colors for hanging art mobiles by AtomicMobiles.com


How long will it take to get my Kit / Screen?

Atomic Kits ship within 3 to 5 business days. Atomic Screens take approximately 2 weeks to create.


Could I order more parts later if I want a bigger Atomic Screen?

Absolutely! Atomic Kits are completely modular and can be re-arranged and added on at any time. You can also mix and match styles (for example, Coolsville squares alternating with Groovy circles). 


Can you help me with sizing? 

Yes, contact me with the measurements of the area and I'll recommend the correct size Kit or Screen.