XXL Papillon Hanging Modern Art Mobile by AtomicMobiles.com

Fun colorful mobiles made for clients this week - handmade by me (Debra Ann) of Atomic Mobiles

MOD Mobile in Palm Springs Inspired Colors

MOD Mobile in Palm Springs inspired colors of aqua orange lime and yellow by AtomicMobiles.com

I created this MOD mobile for a client in Goleta California. Actually, I created 2 for them, so cool!

MOD Mobile in Palm Springs Inspired Colors of Aqua Orange Lime and Yellow by AtomicMobiles.com

2 MOD Mobiles in Palm Springs Colors of Aqua Orange Lime Green and Yellow by AtomicMobiles.com

see more colors here


I also made an XXL Papillon hanging art mobile in red black and yellow for a client in Virginia too this week.

XXL Papillon Art Mobile by AtomicMobiles.com - modern handing kinetic art sculpture

This mobile is big and bold. Shown here with my Blenko vintage glass, a Brownie camera, and vintage typewriter.

see PAPILLON Mobile here in more colors and sizes to fit your space perfectly



Custom ModCast mobile for Loft in Missouri

ModCast Kinetic Modern Art Mobile handmade for client by AtomicMobiles.com

 I created this XL ModCast hanging art mobile for a client's loft in Missouri. It's big bold and beautiful in aqua blue, orange, lime green, and purple. Affordable custom handmade art.

Closeup of ModCast hanging art mobile by AtomicMobiles.com - custom handmade modern art 

ModCast Mobile parts in purple and lime green by AtomicMobiles.com




All Red MCM (Mid Century Modern) mobile custom handmade for client in Maryland! Calder inspired all red colors, midcentury aesthetics.

All red Calder Inspired hanging art mobile handmade for client in MD - by AtomicMobiles.com


All red kinetic art mobiles by AtomicMobiles.com - custom handmade to order by Debra Ann

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I also created this colorful Exuberant room mobile for a client in Loma Linda, California! Bold fun colors of red, blue, yellow, and green dominate this delightful mobile! I custom hand make all the mobiles you see here and I'd love to make one for your room! See more here.

Colorful Exuberant Room Mobiles Custom Handmade by AtomicMobiles.com

Exuberant Room Mobiles


I created another Moderne Stabile for a client in Arizona! These are fun tabletop / desktop / coffee table pieces of art sculpture that add a bit of modern whimsy to your space. Why not add some color and fun? See more of The Moderne here.

The Moderne Stabile for desktop, tabletop, and coffee table by AtomicMobiles.com 

Pick out your perfect Moderne here



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