Custom Space Age

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Custom Modernism Art Space Age Mobile

Atomic Mobiles Color Chart

Customize your Space Age mobile!
  1. it's easy to order your Custom Space Age mobile
  2. decide on a color for each of the 9 color shapes (or 12 for the Long Version) of the mobile
  3. or simply tell me the colors you like and I'll design it and give you final approval via email
  4. select your Size in the pulldown above
  5. click Add To Cart and place your order
  6. in the "Add a note to your order" field at your Cart Checkout page, type in your color selections #1 - 9 for the Short Version or #1 - 12 for the Long Version (or contact me with your selections and I'll design it for you - no extra charge)

Need Help? Free Consultation and Mockup

If you'd like a free Photoshop mockup of the colors you are considering, simply contact me and let me know you would like a mockup for Space Age and what colors you like. Additionally, if you send me a pic of your room I'll Photoshop the mobile into it, so you can visualize.

Available in 6 sizes

Short Version
Small - 14"w x 21"h - $149
Medium - 18"w x 27"h - $199
Large - 24"w x 36"h - $249

Long Version
4 FEET - 19"w x 48"h - $299
5 FEET - 23"w x 60"h - $349
6 FEET - 28"w x 72"h - $449

Space Age is a mod mobile, an atomic age mobile, colorful, fun, and moves in the slightest breeze. Available in two versions. The Long Version is available in extra large sizes for your narrow space and has extra parts from its smaller Short Version counterpart.

Unique and colorful, this art mobile is a new kinetic art sculpture for your home decor,  office, as a baby nursery mobile (always keep out of reach of babies and children - this is not a toy), or a great gift idea for someone special.

Space Age Features:
  • high quality stainless steel wire
  • matte finish acrylic color shapes
  • includes everything you need to hang your Atomic Mobile (nylon line, hooks, and easy instructions)
  • no assembly required
  • handmade in Los Angeles by Debra Ann when you order
  • includes signed Certificate of Authenticity for provenance
  • FREE USPS Priority shipping within the USA
  • ships worldwide

Your custom art mobile arrives at your door ready to hang and enjoy!

See Pre-Designed Color Options See Pre-Designed Color Options