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  • Atomic Mobiles Mobile Wall Hanger
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Atomic Wall Hanger for your Mobile

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You can optionally hang your Atomic Mobile on the wall -- sconce style -- with my Atomic Wall Hanger. Modern, sleek, beautiful.

Hang near a window and let the breeze gently move your mobile. Or hang on the wall next to your baby crib. 

Whether you already own an Atomic Mobile, or are ordering one now, simply choose the Size and Style of your mobile in the pull-downs above, and I'll custom make your Hanger for that specific mobile for a perfect fit. (Medium size MCM shown)

Why hang your mobile on the wall?

  • create a new unique look for your mobile
  • opens up more hanging possibilities and locations
  • full 360 degree rotation of the mobile
  • great if you don't want to (or can't) hang your mobile form the ceiling
  • hang on any wall in a wood wall stud (using a stud sensor)
  • made from modern lightweight brushed aluminum
  • custom made to perfectly fit your particular mobile size and style
  • easy to hang
  • mobile not included (purchase separately)


1x aluminum Atomic Wall Hanger - 36 inch total length
3x 1-1/2 inch screws
nylon line cut to exact length and S hooks tied on each end