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Happy Baby Mobile Exuberant Mobiles - pink yellow blue green teal pastels

Baby Exuberant

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Happy Baby Mobile Exuberant Mobiles

Atomic Mobiles offers beautiful baby crib mobiles specifically designed with your modern baby in mind. These baby mobiles hang over the crib or changing table, from the ceiling. All necessary hanging hardware and easy instructions are included.

Unique and colorful, this art mobile takes inspiration from Alexander Calder and runs with it, creating a new kinetic art sculpture for your baby nursery.

Mobiles make a delightful focal point for your baby's developing eyesight. Available in a wide variety of colors to match your nursery decor. Or custom colorize your baby mobile to match your nursery decor.

Baby Mobiles are not toys and should always be kept out of reach of your child at all times.


  • matte finish acrylic color shapes
  • available in gorgeous translucent pastel colors or vivid solid colors
  • choose from 3 sizes
  • high quality stainless steel wire
  • includes everything you need to hang your Atomic Mobile from the ceiling (over the
  • crib or anywhere in the nursery) - nylon line, hooks, and easy instructions
  • no assembly required
  • handmade in Los Angeles by Debra Ann when you order
  • goes from nursery, to child's room, to adult life
  • includes signed Certificate of Authenticity for provenance
  • FREE USPS Priority shipping within the USA
  • ships worldwide