GROOVY Mobiles | DIY Room Divider Opaque Color Designer Kits

It's easy and fun!
... and looks oh so cool

DIY Kits! Make your own Atomic mobiles, room divider screen, window curtains, and wall art. Fun retro 1970s throwback room dividers, partitions, screens, and mobiles in a Kit. You receive the parts to assemble a fabulous screen of mid century modern goodness. Simply hook together, re-arrange anytime you want, any way you want. Doorways, rooms, windows, walls - add gorgeous color and MCM style anywhere.

 Do it yourself and save money over my pre-assembled screens

A MODular system of connecting circle sets. Mix up the outer and inner parts anytime for a smashing custom look. Or choose your own Groovy color combinations here.

Size Chart for suggested sizes for Groovy Atomic Screens Kits - Modern Room Dividers, Partitions, and Window Treatments by



  • simple assembly, rearrange any way you want, anytime
  • strong high quality 1/8” thick glossy acrylic
  • stainless steel s-hooks and hanging hardware included
  • columns are separate to allow for kinetic movement and flexibility in installation
  • hang the columns wider apart if more width is desired
  • can be installed on a flat or vaulted ceiling or window frame because each column hangs separately
  • ships flat and compact
  • FREE shipping in the USA


Atomic Kits video - turn up the sound!


PREFER YOUR OWN COLOR COMBINATIONS? I sell individual mix and match Groovy circles in your choice of 22 beautiful colors here.

NEED HELP WITH SIZE? Give me the measurements of the space where it will hang and I'll recommend the correct size and number of squares to purchase. Questions? Contact me anytime.

MADE IN THE USA Each part is made in my Los Angeles studio.

DON'T WANT TO ASSEMBLE? I offer pre-assembled ready to hang Atomic Screens here.

FAQ What is the difference between Atomic Kits and Atomic Screens? Learn more here.