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Dramatic MODERNE Stabile modern art sculpture by - order yours today!
January 12, 2018

Handmade Custom Art Mobiles and Stabiles created for Clients January 2018

I've been busy over the holidays making mobiles and stabiles for my clients all over the country. They were shipped to Virginia, Florida, New York, Illinois, Seattle WA, Colorado, West Hollywood CA, Ohio, Monticito CA, plus Canada and Spain! 

Here are a few pics of what I've created the last few weeks:

Retro Hanging Art mobile in Red and Black by


The Moderne Stabile by handmade for client


Black Retro style Mobile by

Beautiful purple, green, lavender, and gray CoolCat mobile by

MCM hanging art mobile in red black and white by


Closeup of CoolCat in purple by

Closeup of green and lavender parts of custom handmade mobile created by Order yours now!

Super cool gorgeous 5 foot SPACE AGE hanging art mobile for client in West Hollywood by


Dramatic white red black and gray The MODERNE stabile - table top mobile by

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CoolCat MidCentury Decor - modern hanging mobiles by
September 21, 2017

CoolCat MidCentury Decor - hanging art mobile for client in WA

Super fun CoolCat hanging mobile modern art sculpture handmade by me for my client in Maple Valley, WA. Black, red, white, and gray kinetic art for the atomic retro age enthusiast! If you love Atomic Ranch magazine, you'll love my mobiles.

CoolCat in red black white and gray custom handmade modern hanging art mobile for client in WA, by

Watch this mobile in motion:

See more CoolCat colors and sizes here

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The Moderne Art Stabile (desktop mobile) by in white and red
May 23, 2017

How I spent my day today - making Atomic stabiles and mobiles!

In the normal course of my day I answer emails, create Photoshop mockups, sand/smooth/prep parts for mobiles and stabiles, and construct my modern hanging art for my clients around the world.

Today I finished up 2 bamboo pieces for a high end home decor client in Italy. 

Bamboo CoolCat Hanging Art Mobile for client in Italy - by

I made a video and posted it to YouTube too:

and a Moderne stabile with black base and bamboo circles

The Moderne Stabile with black base and bamboo circle shapes by

I also uploaded a bunch of new mobile pictures to Instagram, videos to YouTube, and even more to Pinterest:

The Moderne Desktop Mobile in red and white by - modern hanging art inspired by Calder

The full image of The Moderne Desktop Mobile by for client in multi colors - inspired by Alexander Calder

And another Moderne Stabile for a client went out:

The Moderne created and shipped out for client in Boston - black, red, and white - by

A busy day!



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