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Multi Color Exuberant Hanging Art Mobile by
August 25, 2017

New Client Photos Posted to Social Media - hanging art by

Just a few of the mobiles I've shipped out this week to clients across the country. 


Colorful Exuberant Hanging Art Mobile by - custom handmade kinetic sculpture

 Exuberant Custom Handmade Art Mobile by


Red MCM Hanging Art Mobile by - custom handmade kinetic sculpture

The MCM Hanging Art Mobile


Colorful Retro Hanging Art Mobile by - custom handmade kinetic sculpture

Retro Mobile


Rainbow Exuberant Hanging Art Mobile by - LGBTQ custom handmade kinetic sculpture

Rainbow Exuberant Mobile


Moderne Stabile by - navy orange red yellow blue white - custom handmade kinetic sculpture

The Modern Stabile


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